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Sterilization Indicators

ACA-60 series radiation sterilization indicators fully transition from yellow to deep orange or red when exposed to selected ranges of gamma radiation. They are produced using water resistant paper with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing, and are easily applied to cardboard, paper or plastic cartons by peeling individual labels from rolls or via METO® gun. ACA-60 series radiation sterilization indicators are used in inventory control applications — they are not dosimeters.

Typical applications include inventory control tracking, food safety control measures, and medical supplies sterilization batch lot tracking.

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Sterilization indicator. This 25 kGy medical product inventory control sterilization indicator changes color from yellow to red upon exposure to 25 kiloGrays of gamma radiation. Not a dosimeter.

A typical application is inventory control of medical products, supplies and implements. Wound dressing material or a sterile solution, for example, is manufactured and placed in its inventory package and in its shipping packaging; each shipping package has a sterilization indicator applied to it and the shipping packs are palletized; then the entire pallet is processed though the sterilization procedure. The indicator on each shipping package shows that the item has passed through the process.

When coated on our water-resistant paper with its pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, the indicators may be die cut, custom printed, and slit into rolls for hand application or application with a METO® gun.

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